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Marriage Celebrant - Brisbane, Australia

Let me tell you about myself. My name is Elsa, and I help people celebrate their important life events. Why did I take the leap and become a marriage celebrant? Simple I wanted a sea change. However, it didn’t take long to realise that being a Celebrant was my lifelong calling, as officiating over a ceremony brings me great pleasure and joy. As a celebrant I have had the privilege of meeting many different people, from many walks of life, hear about their love stories, about families and friends and then sharing their most amazing day – in a way you become my family. What profession is better than that? Love does make the world go around.

Planning a wedding at times can be stressful, but I promise that I will guide you through this journey as stress free as I can. Why stress, when together we will be planning something beautiful and memorable? Your ceremony will be unique and in accordance with your wishes. I will be there every step of the way from our first meeting to when I announce you to the world as now being married. To see the love and joy in my couples’ faces is truly uplifting experience and is the best feeling in the world.

What do you love most about being a Celebrant?
Being a Celebrant brings me so much joy, through the opportunity to be involved in the most intimate, heartfelt, honest, and important moments of a person’s journey through life. My job allows me to help forge special, lifelong, cherished memories from weddings to vow renewals and baby naming ceremonies.

I love the process from end to end – the initial meeting, building a relationship through to developing and performing an elegant ceremony which exceeds our collective expectations. I am an extrovert by nature and thrive on the energy and excitement when brainstorming ideas and possibilities. Everyone has different tastes and wants to express themselves in different ways, whether it be symbolic of their relationship, cultural or personal preference. No two ceremonies are ever the same!

Which regions do you travel to/ service?
My work takes me all over Queensland, from the Gold Coast up to the Sunshine Coast, Scenic Rim and everywhere in-between. I’ve not had an interstate ceremony yet, but I’m excited for when the opportunity presents itself!

I usually hold more traditional ceremonies within the Brisbane metropolitan area – specialised wedding venues, the Botanical Gardens, your beautiful home or other meaningful place, or some special locations on Mount Tambourine. I’m also one of the preferred Celebrants for Praise Mountain Farm. Ceremonies take me away to secluded beaches or coves on the coast and other scenic locations like Bribie Island. One of the most memorable ceremonies I’ve held was at a poolside bar, with the guests in boardshorts! However, and wherever people choose to celebrate love, I am here to help them.

Why have previous couples chosen you, what’s your personality like?
My couples have described me as a warm and caring person, which is reflected in the ceremonies I perform. I find people usually click with me on our first in-person meeting, I’m very outgoing and friendly and do my best to make people feel comfortable and at-ease.

Choosing the right Celebrant is such an important thing for every couple planning a ceremony. We play such a huge role in your special day, from that first initial meeting, while helping you prepare and the big day itself. Having the right personality fit involved, someone who you are comfortable with, will make all the difference to your entire experience.

How involved would you get with helping couples plan their perfect ceremony? 
Honestly, as much or as little as my couple requires. Some couples already have a very specific idea of their ceremony and vows and require very little assistance in planning. Others require inspiration in writing their vows, planning the ceremony or a creative spark for the entire day’s events.

Regardless of the level of assistance required, the core role I perform is to ensure that the legal documentation is completed and submitted correctly & on time. The process can be confusing and requires a high level of attention to detail to ensure there are no issues either on the day, or further down the road. I take full ownership over this, working with my couple with any clarification required before issuing their marriage certificate & lodging their union with the Department of Births, Deaths & Marriages. The core responsibility of my job is to ensure that this process is correct and stress free for all involved.

I have also built a network of trusted associates within the industry, and have high quality makeup artists, venues, photographers, wedding cake & favour bakers who I can recommend with full confidence of their ability and quality.

What packages do you offer and is there anything that’s unique to you?
I offer a range of wedding packages which are all detailed here, and should give you an idea of the approximate ranges of services, rates, travel expenses and any addons available (sand-pouring rituals, as an example). I personally tailor each quote to my couple’s needs and ensure there are no surprises regarding the cost of my services. The price of the ceremony typically steps up to the next package dependent on the number of guests present and the number of addons to the ceremony itself.

I am passionate, professional, hardworking, reliable and will not let you down in any way. I will work in with you, assist, guide and advise in any aspect of the ceremony you desire. I am here to help you make memories that will last a lifetime.

If you like what you hear and want to know more about me, then I am the Celebrant that you have been looking for.

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